Rolando Hernández

Hernández practices in the fields of art and archive research, writing, composition, art production, curating, and performance. Since 2013, together with Gudinni Cortina, they curate and direct Umbral, an independent space and festival researching practices around sound in the present moment. They are also director of the Center for the Creation, Archiving, and Distribution of Sound Art in Mexico (Centro de Creación, Archivo y Difusión de Arte Sonoro en México, or CCADDASM), which, since 2015, seeks to shape an alternative historiography of sound practices in Mexico through performative interpretations, workshops, exhibitions, and the recovery of art projects. Their work as a performer has focused on the power of the body in musical contexts, and has been presented in museums, galleries, and festivals in Mexico and abroad. They have had solo exhibitions in Zentrale (Austria), Casaplan (Chile), The Institute for Endotic Research (Berlin), La Cápsula (Zurich), and several group exhibitions in Ex Teresa Arte Actual, the UNAM Botanical Gardens, and Casa Maauad.