Arteaga works freelance developing artistic projects with an emphasis on the live arts. Their interest lies in developing expansive relationships between dance and other disciplines, and fostering national and international exchanges and dialogue in order to expand the opportunities to reflect on, create, and enjoy dance. A graduate of the Social Communication degree from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana / Xochimilco, Mexico City, they have worked at international level creating, directing, and producing projects, festivals, curatorships, choreographies, and videos. Arteaga has also collaborated as a performer in several national and international choreographies. As an international curator and speaker, they have participated in the Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, the Festival Cena Contemporânea in Brasilia, and in the Tanzplattform in Germany. They are the first Latin American woman to have been awarded the Visiting Fellows Program Grant by the prestigious Saison Foundation in the Art direction-curating category, to foster the exchange, distribution, and collaboration in contemporary dance between Mexico and Japan. Over the past years their practice has explored choreographic work with the general public. In 2015, they developed the Úumbal: nomadic choreography for inhabitants project in the Museo Universitario del Chopo, also presented in Philadelphia, USA, in 2019. Their choreographic score for collective care, gathering, and play, Maravatío, has been presented in Mexico City, Michoacán state, and Indonesia. Arteaga participated as a performer in the Xavier Le Roy retrospective exhibition at the Jumex Museum.