TRES (ilana boltvinik + rodrigo viñas)
Una tormenta te rinde homenaje, 2021
Audio: Israel Martínez

TRES (Ilana Boltvinik + Rodrigo Viñas, Mexico City) is an art research collective founded in 2009 that has focused on exploring the implications of public space and garbage through artistic practices that concentrate on the methodological intertwining and dialogue with science, anthropology, and archaeology among other disciplines. Of particular interest has been the inquiry on the subject of garbage as a physical and conceptual residue that entails political and material implications. Since its foundation in 2009 TRES has worked with different qualities that shape garbage. Its mobility {in the project A Cluster of Oblivion} 2009, its spatial traits {in Blind Spots} 2010, its symbolic value {in An Informal Gaze} 2009, its aesthetics {in the book Desechos Reservados} 2009, its intimacy {in All the Shines is Gold} 2011, its permanence {in Chicle y Pega} 2012, its scientific potential {in Urotransfrontation DTC-UR013} 2013, amid others.

One issue they are particularly interested to examine about garbage is its informational character, its capacity to store material, economic and symbolic information that can be used to elaborate individual or collective portraits of our society. Garbage becomes a metaphor of all that is cast aside, forgotten. TRES extracts, through different disciplinary approaches, a narrative of all we choose not to see. One fundamental area of their collective work are the frequent walks in public space, with our without specific destination. TRES has a fixation with garbage, object accumulations and refuse. Their gaze is locked upon those subjects while strolling around the city; and through multiple collaborations they open a critical space that questions the understanding we have of contemporary society.

In 2016 they were awarded the Robert Gardener Fellowship for Photography of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Harvard University. Their works have been presented in Connecting Spaces, July 2016 (Hong Kong), AND festival 2015 (UK), Metropolis Biennale 2009 (Denmark), the public art section of the XV Festival of Mexico City FMCH (Mexico City), in the Amsterdam Global City #2: Mexico, WCA World Cinema (Netherlands), ViBGYOR International Film Festival (India), Festival TransitioMX_05 Bio mediations, Cultural Center of Spain (Mexico City) among others. Individually their works have been shown in over 20 screenings and art exhibitions in Latin America and Europe.