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Natalia Fernández


Natalia Fernández (1987, Mexico City) concluded their Artistic Production master’s degree at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, or UAEM, in 2017. Their work generally explores the relationship between human beings and nature based on opposites: natural-artificial, microscopic-macroscopic, construction-destruction, order-chaos, balance-imbalance. It mainly unfolds as two and three-dimensional collages created by reusing and recycling materials, as well as chemically synthesizing them. Fernández has exhibited in several states throughout Mexico, and in Europe and the USA. They received the Morelos state Stimulus Program for Artistic Creation and Development (PECDA) grant in 2012, and the National Endowment for Culture and Arts (FONCA) grant in the painting category in 2018. Another outlet for their personal production has been teaching at university level, an activity Fernández has carried out since 2012.